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Training, Expertise & interpretation of procedures

A series of pre and post treatment services are made available to institutions across the Caribbean region including. Our care offer for Caribbean countries includes a range of "expertise and training" services upstream and downstream of our operations. 1/ Is there a need for on-site training of doctors in a specific sector of radiology? We come to your premises to target your needs and work with you to draw up a tailor-made training programme, which we can carry out either on your premises or in Guadeloupe if necessary. 2/ Is your institution equipped with medical equipment (scanner and/or MRI) but lacks the expertise to analyse and interpret the procedures performed? Our specialists are available to offer you the expertise you require. This work is done online.



Your establishment is equipped with a scanner and/or an MRI, but you do not have the specialist human resources trained to carry out the examinations on site. We offer on-site training plans: our radiologists visit your institution to train your doctors in carrying out their tasks. We conduct an on-site needs assessment and together we develop a training plan that we implement to provide your clinic with the resources it needs to carry out the examinations.


Your establishment is equipped with a scanner and/or an MRI, and you have the human resources needed to carry out the examinations on site, but you do not have radiologists to interpret the examinations conducted and write up the examination reports. Our team of radiologists in Guadeloupe can interpret the examinations for you.

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